The history of the KASKAD TELECOM group of companies began in 1996. The basic goal of the company is to implement innovative technologies in the field of low-current and telecommunications systems.

The main activity of the group of companies consists in scientific-research and experimental-design works, construction (turnkey) various communications facilities and other objects of national economy and defense purposes, to ensure their further functioning (including a mode of round-the-clock servicing), as well as in the provision of telecommunications services.

Along with the above activities, the Group of Companies «Kaskad-Telecom» participates in the construction and reconstruction of energy facilities, both independently and as part of consortia (within its competence).

CJSC “Kaskad-Telecom” is a member of consortiums for the implementation of major international projects, including in the fields of energy, telecommunications, infrastructure development of states .

Among the projects implemented by consortium members, there are such as:

design, supply, installation of equipment in the interest of the Ministry of Energy of the Syrian Arab Republic to expand the main and alternative centers for operation and management of SKADA, network telecommunications, including power stations and substations (the project is suspended);

delivery, installation of equipment and control systems with software for the project for the modernization of the optical data network in the Syrian Arab Republic (the project is suspended for geopolitical reasons);

construction, installation and commissioning of 500kV / 220kV / 110kV overhead lines in the interests of the systemically important companies of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation (JSC FGC UES and its structure) — Elvest LLC (www.elvest-ek.ru);

design and survey works of electric power and power generation facilities of the Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan — OOO «TransStroyEngineering» (www.tsengin.ru);

feasibility studies, development of technical solutions, development and modernization programs, network architectures, design schemes for power systems, design and working documentation for the largest facilities and generation and energy supply networks of the Unified Energy System of Russia — Institute «ENERGOSET’PROEKT» JSC (www.aoesp.ru).

Currently the group of companies has five branches in the Central (Mytischi, St. Petersburg), the Urals (Surgut) and Southern (Rostov-on-Don) federal districts of Russia, in the Syrian Arab Republic ( Damascus), besides a joint subsidiary in the Republic of South Sudan. There are plans to open branch offices in the Republic of Nigeria in the nearest future.

Organizationally the group is divided into a number of specialized divisions (business units). Among them::

  • Divisions of construction and service of objects of communicationand and energy facilities, computer facilities and information technologies (include experts of the station equipment and a radio communication, experts of antenna-feeder devices, linearly — cable constructions and fiber-optic communication links, programmers and operators of computer facilities and other experts trained and certified on all types of works); whole scope of the above said work);

  • The division of the design — Centre for Design of Special Systems (includes specialists in engineering units and lines of communication, digital systems of data transmission, and also buildings, residential and other related areas);

  • The division of General construction profile;

  • The certification body of quality management systems and the products of JSC «Kaskad-Telecom» (CB QMS of CJSC «Kaskad-Telecom»);

  • Private Security Company of Afghanistan Veterans “STRANNIK and Co”;

  • The subsidiary Joint Venture Company: Kaskad Telecom Group Ltd.;
  • The Department of Strategic Planning and Investment (Limited Liability Company «Agency for Sustainable Development and Investment», LLC «Auri»).

The activity of group of companies «KASKAD TELECOM» is based on the adherence to the legislation of Russia and international organizations of rules and regulations and the required documents (certificates of admission to works, permissions, certificates and licenses).

The group of companies has its own electrical measurement laboratory registered at the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear supervision (Rostekhnadzor of Russia), providing improvement of quality of performed works.

Performance of work on the majority of objects provides the subsequent guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of various equipment. For this purpose the company operates the service center.

The group has Partnership relations with Russian and foreign companies: «Motorola», ZAO «IskraUralTEL», «Nippon Electric Corporation», OOO “Group of Industrial Technologies” and many others.

At the enterprises of KASKAD TELECOM group of companies launched its own production of various equipment. More detailed information can be found in the section «Production and Services».

All personnel working in KASKAD TELECOM group of companies, has a high qualification and great experience of work. More detailed information can be found in sections «Personnel» and «Operational Experience».

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