The group of companies KASKAD TELECOM was established in 1996 through the merger of like-minded employees of scientific and industrial enterprises of the industry, former communications servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and other security agencies. The entire staff is highly qualified and has extensive experience in designing and construction of communication objects.

Organizationally the Group of Companies is built with a view to ensuring maximum effectiveness of the implementation of its tasks . Structure of enterprises and their branches provides preferential focus on research activities and maintain their own production ( Mytischinskiy branch JSC «Kaskad Telecom»), construction work (branches of JSC «Kaskad -Telecom » in Rostov-on — Don, Surgut ), performance of works in the east in the Arab countries (The Syrian branch of JSC «Kaskad Telecom»).

The overall coordination of the group’s activities is managed from a Central office, located in Moscow.

Since 1996, our employees have been working for the facilities of such companies, organizations and governmental agencies as:

OAO Gazprom (Surgutgazprom, Noyabrskgazdobycha, Gazsvyaz, Yamalgazinvest, etc.), RAO EES [Russia’s Energy and Electrification J/S Co. Integrated Power Systems of Russia] (including facilities of the OAO Mosenergo), various facilities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation , the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) and other facilities.
The group of companies is actively contributing to the engineering development and project research carried out jointly with the enterprises of the military-and-industrial complex (Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Integral”, Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Central Research Institute “Comet”, ZAO Aerosoft, OAO MAK “Vympel”, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Kaluga plant of telegraph apparatus”, OAO “SKTBR”, etc.).

We were charged with the reconstruction of the communications system in the Chechen Republic (construction of facilities against order No. 326 of KEO KEU SKVO), as well as the construction of several state-operated facilities against the orders by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic.

For several years, Kaskad-Telecom has been actively participated in the implementation of the Federal Target Program “State Border of the Russian Federation” (2003-2010).” Thus, we carried out design and survey works, building and construction works, as well as commissioning under the load of the technical facilities at the frontier sites of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation to integrate them into a single ITS Office and to ensure the provision of communications services of ITS of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in the protected design. The works were performed in the Southern Federal District and along the Russian-Kazakh border of the Russian Federation.

Our employees developed the design documentation and construction of the open segment of the access node to the resources of the unified information and telecommunication network along the air checkpoints of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

We performed surveys, assembly and commissioning of hardware and software complex of departmental unit AS TsDB UIG of the Federal Migration Service of Russia. We implemented the detailed design for construction of data processing Center of automated system for the fuel and energy facilities in Moscow.

In behalf of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation we conducted operational testing and modification of the design documentation of automated system for receiving, processing, storing and transmitting information on quality management and economics of military education and training.

We operated design and development work for the development of a test sample of automated radar system on the Russian-Kazakh section of the border.

We performed a set of works from designing to commissioning on the construction and repair of link-cable communication facilities, the expansion of telecommunication network and installation of telephones in the facilities of OAO “Gazprom”. Including:

  • assembly of data transmission system in the Republic of Belarus;
  • construction of a fiber-optic link for the backbone communication of a gas pipeline Yamal-Europe.

These works were carried out within the international investment project for the purpose of connection of natural gas fields of the north of Western Siberia with ultimate consumers in the Western Europe (transnational gas pipeline “Yamal — Europe” passes the territory of four countries — Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany).

Jointly with the Closed Joint-Stock Company “Business Group” we implemented survey and construction works on the building of apartment houses in behalf of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, including the installation of internal and external engineering networks. We developed design documentation on the site development of micro district No. 25-A in Mytischi, Moscow Region.

We constantly execute works on the equipping of governing bodies and units of enforcement agencies with modern means of communication systems operating under the unified standards of radio communication, with the introduction of digital technology.

Long-term experience in the field of communications, the desire to master new technologies, selection of highly qualified communication specialists allow the staff of the group of companies to perform various tasks on realization of projects of any complexity on any objects.

The activities of the KASKAD TELECOM group of companies were repeatedly awarded with letters of thanks and diplomas, as well as reflected in mass media.

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